Get Real!

Remember Stacey Q?

At the gym today being forced to watch a monitor I could not turn off and I suddenly became fascinated with the 80’s video channel.  Remember Stacey Q’s “Two of Hearts?”  Yeah, it was definitely a low moment but then I suddenly was watching her spot her turns and do ballet arms and jazz steps all over the place and really noticed her ballerina like body.  It was too much of a coincidence.  I am going to be doing some research.  The whole video started looking very ballet costume and she totally had the legs of a seriously trained dancer.  Too skinny for words but every part of her body was a muscle.  No waif here.  It kind of blew me away.  Plus is it me or is she looking like an overly decorated Russian ballerina [doll].  So in my head I was all, maybe this was a career change?  Anybody know any facts?


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