Get Real!

Photos, passes and policies.

Ha!  Waking up on a sunny Saturday morning currently armed with bacon, coffee, my computer and a good mood.  Feeling pretty calm after a night of almost mayhem with Sad Robot at the Roxy and Campus Circle Magazine attending.  [None of us] almost didn’t get in between cameras, photo passes, policies and permission slips — aka — the list.  Signing releases at the box office…(couldn’t I have done that a couple of weeks in advance while in contact with the venue?)

Here’s how it went… (6:30pm) ring (yes my cell phone) “can I speak with Tracey’ – ‘yes, who’s calling, this is she’ – hey it’s Mike from Campus Circle we’re over at the Roxy and they don’t have us on the list’ – (heart attack moment) – ‘what?!’ – ‘that’s crazy I have been talking with everyone for the last week and a half, is this your number?  Let me call you right back. I’ll take care of this’ — (ok don’t panic yet)  …dialing…(Katherine, all cheery and spunk… answering on the other end) ‘heeeeyyyyy i’m so glad you called I have everything ready’…(me all dire and in a panic) “Katherine, Campus Circle is already there and they can’t get in’ — (K) ‘I knew it!  I knew I should have gotten there earlier’  (me) ‘You have to get on the phone with your booker asap. I’m freaking!’  ‘OK Will do. I’ll call the box office and call you back’  —  Tweet (Roxy rejects reporter) — Tweet (The bands not even there and already mayhem)— Tweet (my reporter is standing at your door, come on guys that’s crazy)— (followers) respond — respond — respond — joined my Twitter (about 10 right away – psyched).  Next phone call –” Hey Mike I just called over’ — (Mike) yeah we’re in.  Thanks.  No worries.  We get this all the time’ –(me) ‘really?’  (Mike) ‘yeah’ — See you later on.”  phew!  (internal comment – “I really need a better system or a better sense of humor”)

Whatever.  Katherine Pawlak was amazing!  My director Michael Cornell (Semplice Pictures) was spot on with the camera work and the CCM reporter (also coincidentally named Mike) too sweet and completely fun.  One of the best live shows I’ve seen in  a long time if I do say so myself.  I guess I can say it was “worth the tweet.”  lol

Looking forward to treating myself to a ballet class at Westside Ballet School with Joan Bayley and then Shel’s Short over at The Little Theater LA this evening.


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