Get Real!

Art ain’t easy…

And neither is being an audience member.  In fact it can be pretty dreadful.  Ok, I am an artist myself, and completely sympathetic as to how hard it is to  mount any show.  But what I resent is going to the theater as an audience member, a consumer if you will and being handed, just, well, plain bad work. 

Notwithstanding that the concept of art in any form is societally important for lots reasons I am not going to expand on in this blog (maybe ever) it really is the responsibility of the actors, the directors, the producers, to deliver content that “gives” something out to the people who choose to view.

Was disappointed by a theater experience last night.  Not too many strong, directorial choices or acting choices.  Material somewhat dated.  Quite honestly, I was pretty bored and walked away feeling pretty unfulfilled.  I really wanted to be a part of something special.  Come away with a new feeling or thought or playfulness at the very least.  Just eating at the concessions and finding a seat could have been more fun.  I love when the tone is well set either by the music or something other than just the play.  Not to be.

However, I was fully revived by the very amazing performance of Ballet X a visiting ballet company from the east coast.  Mesmerizing.  Moving.  Exciting.  Bold.  Powerful.  Everything my theater experience last night was not.  I couldn’t help but notice and be moved.  …and isn’t that the point?  To be moved by the experience somehow.


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