Get Real!

Absolutely Nothing!

As I took my fartlek (jog/walk) up the hills of the canyons this weekend, I couldn’t help but contemplate how good it felt to just take time for me.

In fact, I also couldn’t help but realize that for the longest time, I’ve have been taking time to do everyone else’s project and leaving myself for last, where in each case, I have been too exhausted to do anything at all.

What I’ve discovered or rather re-discovered is that, putting myself first every day, makes it so much easier to do much more quality work for others and with more passion, focus and energy.  In the end, I want to do great work.  Create something of value.  Make someone’s dream come true in the way  that person envisions and in the process enjoy my own sense of fulfillment.

This weekend, I simply enjoyed doing absolutely nothing!  I am ready for action.


One response

  1. Bravo – you. You are the most important person in the world so – take time for you and enjoy. If we don’t love ourself, how could we possibly love others. Enjoyed what you wrote – it was very sweet and up-lifting compared to so many who cry-the-blues on their blog. Take care and enjoy your life.

    February 21, 2011 at 6:53 am

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