Get Real!

Loyalty Counts for Everything!

In this “what can you do for ME” culture that we live in world-wide, what really counts more than ever is loyalty.  Because frankly, I don’t know you, don’t care about you, your dog or your bubblegum flavor except that I’ve been forced to hear you pitch some nonsense about your banner ads, your secret sex tapes, make thousands of dollars a day claims and everything else YOU think is important to the world, which is absolutely irrelevant to me and in sixteen seconds or less is about to self-destruct from the flimsy excuse you are calling passion for your work and product..  You are just going to move on anyway as soon as you don’t get what you want instantaneously.

Everyone wants to have an “intimate” relationship with someone else on the other side of the world or the computer.  But what really distresses me are the thousands more people every day who are incapable of having a relationship with the person standing right next to them.  They simply don’t have the time or something else. Bizarre!  And what’s worse, the “hit the road jack” attitude if you don’t make me famous, money, popular, socially stupendous or a sex icon that everyone wants to photograph NOW. 

Can I ask a question?  Are you really worth all that?  Even I who have been in all of that off and on wake up every day realizing that yes, it’s totally fun but it is so ridiculous.

And that is where loyalty comes in.  So … you wanna be famous, rich, a sex icon, photographed, desired, inspire fan craze, hounded by the media day and night, get free stuff just because … well there is a tiny little essential component to achieving all of that, and it is not stamina, will,  or staying in the game related.  It’s called LOYALTY!

Loyalty is a give and take action.  Well, there’s the turn off to begin with.  You mean I have to give something?  Yes, actually.  You have to give it back in the other direction.  And it takes time.  Time you have and often time you don’t have.  It’s about really giving a damn about something or someone.  Being loyal is the real life action of “put your money where your mouth is.”

 To name one name that is current with almost everyone on the planet I know.  — Ann Wintour.  Ms. Wintour of Vogue Magazine has again been written up in the press.  What is interesting about the dialog surrounding the world’s fashion editor icon is that she has stuck by and promoted and skyrocketed the careers, ambitions, celebrity and businesses of those people who have had a give and take loyal relationship with her all of these years.  It’s been long-term for many people including Marc Jacobs for one.  So many people have achieved success beyond their wildest dreams because the factor of loyalty has been there.  No one has walked away in a fit of “fuck all” or “the grass is greener over there” because the grass is always green if you take care of it.

Are you getting the point?  Or are you walking away pissed at this dialog?  Cause if so, then loyalty is not in your word catalog and I am not sorry to see you go.



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