Get Real!

Social Media Marriage

Although I have heard of and have acquaintances who actually have met their future life spouses via online dating services and hook-ups through email arranged by overzealous and quite desperate moms eager to engage their lost children in fruitful marriages, I formally draw the line at being asked to be married on Facebook!

Do I know you?  Ah, did you even bother to check that I am married, already engaged, in a relationship, attracted to the opposite sex other than yours?

I just got an email from another blogger today laying down the line about Facebook etiquette.  My only response was an internal “yikes” when she point by point went down the list of personal offenses by strangers attempting to get her attention negative or otherwise, in a variety of ways for even more reasons. 

But what really made me chuckle was that I had the same experience several years ago after coming off of an Oscar-winning film.  I suppose it comes with the territory but at least my suitor didn’t use public social media.  It was – bless him – via a discreet email. 

I have been asked if I would consider selling my underwear (used on the set), shirts and shoes to collectors, for meetings to find out what I can “do” for strangers interested in helping their own respective careers, and angry missives about how cheap I was for not investing in a business run by a total stranger whose personal advancement was not alas a priority for me at the time, but obviously (he) thought it should have been my only focus.  My favorite was two years ago when after I quietly and quite politely declined an acquaintance who wanted a lot more than friendship, decided to stalk my home, put a nail in my tire, leave me horrible notes under my door and threatening emails.  Of course I moved.

It doesn’t happen most days or most years or actually most decades but there is always one somewhere along the line.  I am just hoping that I will not have to send out orders from my own Facebook page someday having to dictate social etiquette or how to behave like a friendly human being without going over board. 

I like you all when you are nice.  I even like some of you when you are nasty.  But please, let’s get to know one another respectfully in a public forum before taking the deep plunge into destiny!  lol


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