Get Real!

Thank Goodness for Monday?

Who ever says that anyway?  Me!  Tonight was the last night of Erica Watson’s FAT BITCH! show in Los Angeles.  And let me tell you, I can’t wait to sleep – like – for a month!  We were so successful with agents from ICM, WME, and journalists from BITCH Magazine, LAist, WEHO Patch, Comic Bible, Chenese Lewis from Plus Model Radio and more in attendance.  And we should not forget our friends over at LA Weekly who lovingly plugged us to Theater Raw online and in print, WEHO Daily for giving us a great pre-show write-up and a special shout out to Matthew Robinson over at Final Cut Radio who aired a weekend special episode live just for Erica!  And special thanks to Steve Pink who put this presentation together along with Columbia College Chicago.  I was simply thrilled to have been able to get on the phone with so many editors this month who really paused to listen to a great story about a talented artist – even if some of them didn’t cover the show.  A super shout out to uber-organizers and Columbia alums, Cupid Hayes and Sara Schroeder.  We held our own with full houses against the Royal Wedding and the LA Book Fair, no less.  I am not complaining!


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