Get Real!

Hollywood Fringe Festival

Yowsa!  Just got my schedule for the Hollywood Fringe Festival previews.   Fun, fun reviewing shows beginning this week.  I love theater and I haven’t been able to get myself to a show for a while so this is going to be a real treat!  Looking forward to seeing some really interesting pieces and talking about them.  I’ll be writing for the Los Angeles Theatre Review and commenting and linking/back-linking on GiaOnTheMove, so I’m hoping some of you will follow along.

Why is Fringe important anyway?  Well, apart from the shows getting themselves viewed, it kind of weeds out what has merit with audiences.  Many times these pieces are a lot edgier than normal Broadway or Geffen House type shows get to be.  And often this is the moment when really great (or not) writers get to introduce themselves to the public.  It’s all a risk for them and a gift to you.  Fringe has the potential to persuade, change, celebrate and speak to audiences in ways not found or often allowed in other forums.

Also — live performance ROCKS!  There is nothing like seeing something in real time.  We have all become so accustomed to viewing television that getting the show first hand in front of you has become like a distant memory.  But how much fun to be involved with a show and its performers.  You are right there.  You give the artists as much as you receive — instantaneously.  It’s a fair trade for your ticket which by the way, is NOT a fortune – less than a visit to the ArcLight on Sunset for that matter.  And matter it does.  Live theater is storytelling with surprises — human beings, living and breathing in action, making an offering to you, by the minute.

Theater helps local communities thrive.  So get out and get some culture.  See some theater.  Support your local communities by walking out on Santa Monica Blvd and keeping the neighborhood alive and thriving — and safe — with your presence.  Meet some new people, chat, eat, and be a part of a truly unique experience.  Create a story of your own from it.

See you there:


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