Get Real!

Morning thought – Happiness

I woke up this morning and suddenly realized how much easier it is for me to walk away from what doesn't work in my life -- things, situations, people.  I never used to be that person.  I have been the one to hang on for too long, believing, promoting, supporting, cheerleading.  I guess I am tired and finally understand that hanging on has no value.  And I desire value in my life - quality over quantity.  It will no longer be enough - ever again - to utter the word friend without a real meaning behind it, or play with the word trust like it is a board game or hand over the word love to a single person ever again without knowing for certain there is something much deeper there than the word itself.  It is so much better to walk away and simply be happy.  And in the end, that is what I am after, Happiness, Joy, Wonder, Magic, Agape.

Good Morning LA!


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