Get Real!

911 Memorial

What a weekend!  I have done nothing but be on my computer catching up on writing.  Mostly for several things…an interview that I finished for Curve Wire on being a theatre critic.  But most of my time finishing my 9/11 memorial story for WEHO Patch.

It was harder than I thought.  Several years ago I vowed to never write about it again.  I couldn’t take it any longer.  But after the last year or so hearing these wishy-washy stories around it I decided to speak up again.  I once blasted a girl for writing how New Yorkers just fell apart in the crisis, because frankly, I was there, and nothing even remotely like that happened.  Of course my perspective is only one.  But I was thrilled to have been invited by Danielle Jacoby the editor of WEHO Patch to share.  She received a slightly under 2000 word story which may be chopped up depending on how they would like it to run of course.  And I cried the entire time writing it, which I didn’t think was possible.

My one hope is to really tell an honest story as I experienced it that day and the following weeks.  It won’t take the pain away.  But I won’t have a sore throat anymore holding back the words that have so badly wanted to be heard.

Happy Labor Day!


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