Get Real!


That word has many meanings today as I am in the hot seat with the producers and local die hard fans for a review I wrote about a new play currently being presented here in Los Angeles.  It happens.  This time around it was a volcanic eruption of personal attacks of every kind based on my mere words.  A good reminder that one should always choose their words wisely.

But an extra hour of sleep and a really dynamic ballet class this morning always makes things right.  And that is where attack becomes a super plus positive!

There is nothing like dancing with really young people who have so much natural power in their bodies.  I happen to be an awesome jumper having been a gymnast at an early age.  But when it comes to so many other movements, lately I think that my life has infiltrated my dancing on a weirdly politically correct level.  “Be pretty.  Be nice.  So that everyone will like you” — as the internal dialog likes to remind me.  lol

But getting comfortable with the attack in my dance is so wonderfully translatable back into life.  I realize that it is ok to be bold.  I guess it just takes a bit of courage to do so.


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