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LAXART Presents A Survey of Soap Operas Installation by Bruce and Norman Yonemoto

Made in Hollywood by Bruce Yonemoto
On the occasion of Pacific Standard Time Art in LA 1945-1980: LAXART presents a selection of seven soap operas written, directed and produced by Bruce and Norman Yonemoto, collaborators since 1976.  In them they unveil the mechanics that construct the genre and subsequently the audience relationship to reality and fantasy.
Working in hyperbolic visual and narrative style, the Yonemotos juxatpose advertising and Pop imagery with narrative scenes, to create their distinctie approach.  The quickly paced sequencing of soap opera videos evoke flipping through television channels: modern Japanese cartoons are intercut with a static shot of an acidic 1980s color spectrum, then interspersed with a character’s black and white nightmarish flashback.  There are frequent, puposeful slippages between the constructed fantasy world of television and cinema with bits and pieces that reflect the Yonemoto’s own personal history.
The exhibition can be viewed along with the Yonemotos’ other installation:  The Time Machine and the History of Asexual Mutation, from November 5 until December 3, 2011.
Find out more about Bruce on his personal blog (click here). This exhibition is open to the public Tuesday through Saturday at LA><Art.   You can get more information by visiting the link below:

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