Get Real!

Good Morning 2012! Out with the Old!

It’s a new year.  Out with the old and in with the new.  This morning is dedicated to deleting every old email, every communication minus the basic contact info and address, no matter how important, no matter how valuable the information seemed at any given time.  I’m saying goodbye.

Living in the information age is not necessarily ephemeral, but it is fast, getting faster all the time – warp speed.  Online data consumerism world-wide is at the highest it’s ever been and who knows how much farther the internet age will take us into it.

I read this morning that if you didn’t include 3rd party apps in your social media strategy you were automatically a dinosaur.   Or that if you didn’t consider Facebook the major part of your audience target marketing, what are you thinking because Facebook 2012 will not be the same either.   Twitter – ditto.  Email?  What’s that? SEO and Metadata?  Wake up and smell the mind shift.  And no one has the patience or attention span for long messages or videos  and vlogging outputs.  Over posting is  a “has been” no matter how important the content.  And there are far too many choices, far too many blogs sans editors, and far too few coherent voices out in the ether for anyone to care for more than an old-fashioned nano-second.

The messages all seem to be pretty clear, repetitious as they are.  And what’s the lesson?

Change.  Change.  Change.  We can’t avoid it any more.

It’s time to let the past GO!


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