Get Real!

The Week in Review…so far

Just got back from a wild night in WEHO at the Abbey, to top off the uber chic, Asthetic TV launch party in Beverly Hills.  Scientific American meets MTV meets QVC.  Swag bag in hand.  Met some really fabulous people including the amazing editor at large of GENLUX Magazine and TV Host / Broadcast Journalist, Taylor Baldwin — Amazing!  All I can say for now is that the beauty biz is about to step up more than a few notches.  Anti-aging will never be the same.

After 3 weeks of total burn out, I am finally getting joyful about writing again.  Stress can really kill creativity and I have been able to do nothing but lie in bed and sleep from total exhaustion.  But I am getting excited about my new herb garden.  And recovering a little bit more of my ballet technique this Saturday at EdgePac.  All the stretching at my barre at home is giving me a damn good arabesque!

Shari Sanders rocked the house on Monday evening at the Disco week of Rock-the-Audition class in Hollywood.  Visiting from New York City, giving rock-a-bility an absolutely new dictionary definition, she belted LA rock musical theatre neophites a lotta R-E-S-P-E-C-T and more.  Sock it to me baby!

On my way tomorrow to see the Los Angeles premiere of Brilliant Traces at the Lounge 2 Theatre in Hollywood.

How’s your week so far?  Let me know?


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