Get Real!

Busy Week and all that food

Off to a running start at 5:26am.  The sun isn’t even out and I just cannot sleep.  Covering an event at the West Hollywood Library this evening with a colleague.  But before that, filming a ‘short’ dedicated to the Natural Expo West 2012.  I don’t think I’ve even begun to recover from 10 hours of sampling on Saturday.  And I think I’ll be eating what I brought home for the next couple of weeks.  The interesting thing though, is that I don’t actually have food in my bag.  Most of what I sampled at the expo were just snacks.  What I was really after were items that could genuinely be called breakfast, lunch or dinner on my plate.  Even more challenging is that there were not a lot of vendors who could tell me if their food items were appropriate for diabetics or people with other health issues that make eating any sort of carbs a challenge.  Gluten free is the new ‘chic’ label now used on everything under the sun, but as I discovered by how I reacted to a few products (and some actually not too well) all natural foods are not created equal no matter what the claim.  My stomach knows best.  I did discover some truly awesome and very simple products that I blogged about yesterday on Gia On The Move including a Gluten Free Buckwheat Bread by Arnel.  She was so lovely to comment personally.  Makes eating even more enjoyable kind of like when the chef comes out of the kitchen to give you a personal visit at a high end restaurant.  (My friends are going to be so jealous!  lol)  That reminds me — I’m hungry.  I’m thinking eggs…


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