Get Real!

Dine Me Don’t Whine Me

I love to eat.  But I prefer to dine.

Sure I could veg out in front of my tv on the couch focusing on what’s in front of me instead of what I’m putting in me.  Yes, I suppose I could stand at the kitchen counter devouring instantaneously whatever it is I whipped up on the stove pretending that I’ve somehow nutrified my body with my protein packed 7 egg whites alone inducing that quieting sensation that temporarily disengages me from my obsessive compulsive behavioral ideas on how I am going to retain body muscle through my diet every day.  And I’ll admit that the convenience of drive through really seems inviting when I’ve waited far too long to make a better decision about how to feed myself.

But really, why would I.  I like pauses.  I like taking my time.  Savoring, sipping and satisfying my taste buds with aromas, flavors and small samples of my favorite delicacies even if they are only french fries.  I like sitting upright at a table rather than on a stool hunching over to slurp my food like an animal. It’s so much more pleasant and incredibly better for my digestion – not to mention my dry cleaning bill. It actually alleviates my nervous system quite a bit from all of the stress I’ve encountered throughout the day. It’s definitely a lot less frenetic that attempting to multi-task without spilling crumbs, liquids and sauces on my keyboard while typing on my 27 inch iMAC. And honestly, it really is annoying watching you dart back and forth doing ‘stuff’, something else more ‘pressing’ that is going to get you in the media, more organized, more famous, more money, more clients, more auditions, more business, or texting (worse) and not giving a damn about the surroundings, the time it took for this delicious meal to be prepared, how someone gave a damn to make it in the first place, listening to you justify why it doesn’t matter, how you don’t have even a moment to sit back and take a break for any amount of time during the day (but for what I don’t know except that you can make time to relax) – your working – you’re busy! – and most of all your lack of interest in the company – me.

I prefer to dine.  I love the experience, the environment, the variety, the silence when I’m alone, the noise when I’m with others.  I like the sharing part.  The dinner table discussions.   I love the feeling of being satisfied without my belly being distended because I didn’t quickly stuff my face and everything was just so good.  Even the silly remarks about how fun the simple things can be and how decadent we are in the moment.

So go on rest of the world without me if you will.  I am content to settle for pure fulfillment.  I prefer to ‘take my time.’  I prefer to dine.


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