Get Real!

No Time To Weep

Brink Tank Graphics inspired by No Time To Weep

Brink Tank Graphics poster design inspired by the play No Time To Weep, written by Lucy Deutch. A gift to the author from the photoshop artist Tracey Paleo.

Been checking out the press for the musical play No Time To Weep written by Holocaust Survivor, Lucy Deutch which made its Los Angeles debut this year.  I met Lucy last year when she was putting out some feelers for publicists for the show.  I think I was probably the first person to answer the ad.  We didn’t end up working together but upon meeting her for the first time, I was so inspired by her poetry and her story that I literally, four hours later, signed book copy and music cd in hand, designed a poster for the show as a gift to her.

“Yes, those are the train tracks and the gate to Auschwitz.  I remember.” she said as she stared at the photo.  “I can’t believe you found that.”

When all is said and done, it’s a great sentiment, history aside.  No Time To Weep is about making time for joy and living life no matter what comes your way.  You can get to the other side.


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