Get Real!

Hollywood Fringe – It’s Almost Over

I haven’t seen enough.  Then on the other hand, I’m pretty burnt to a crisp.  Writing and writing and writing sometimes until two in the morning in between the other insane parts of my schedule.  Not complaining.  Just bummed that I don’t have enough time in the day or night to dedicate to much more.  And I would have like to have seen much, MUCH, MORE!  Been pondering how to write a review about the play Cycles.  I sat in a front row seat the other night only to discover that the writer was writing about my neighborhood, a story personal to myself, an address that I played marbles at and people I know so much more specifically about.  It was over the top freaky.  But most of all it hit a major cord.  When you see something that is presented as part fiction and part truth, there is that urge to call it out.  I started a review and ended up writing a history on Tuesday evening until about 2am.  I know the absolute truth about the story that was presented.  And although the writer isn’t at all saying it is an authentic retelling.  There’s a lot that’s politically slanted in a skewed direction.  But I don’t want to hurt the play or the writer  necessarily.  I think he’s an awesome guy.  But be forewarned.  I will be talking.  You guys need to check your references.  Because as you all found out on Tuesday evening, it’s a very small world after all!  lol


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