Get Real!

Hello and Farewell – Good Paperwork

It’s a funny thing getting rid of your old clutter.  Starting today, I’ve decided to finally scan every piece of old paper, memoir, souvenir and etc into my computer to finally be able to not lug this crap around any more.  I’ve actually been wanting to do it for a very long time but until now, had neither the time, the will, the space or the need.  But things change.  And suddenly that’s a very good thing.  But funnier, is that as I take each document piece by piece there’s a certain amount of acknowledgment that takes place even before it goes into the shredder.  I’m not trying to discard my past but rather gather it, acknowledge the value it had in my life and file it in its proper place.  I guess you could say I am ‘curating’ my own existence and really understanding all of the pieces of this giant puzzle that have directly contributed to who I am which, by cataloguing them, will finally leave me free to be even better and bigger than the person I dreamed I wanted to be.  It’s an awesome realization.  Who knows where this will take me in 30 days. (Coincidentally the time in which I would like to give myself to get it done)


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