Get Real!

I’ll Love You Forever

Driving this week, I slowly passed a house where a mother was kneeling with her little boy sitting on her knee picking flowers together and it dawned on me…How did we actually come up with the concept of love.  How did we put into words something completely intangible and endow it with ultimate power.

But even more boggling was the question of how human beings came to the understanding of what forever meant.

Forever is so much more than a feeling or a scientific concept of time.    And can we really mean it when we put the two together.  Most of us “feel” that we can.  But once we get to the other side (i.e. die) how do we know that things don’t change at least a little.

If we have free will in life then why not death.  And maybe, just maybe it’s possible to change our minds when we also use the phrase, “Nothing lasts forever.”

Just a thought.


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