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Please Help – Only 6 Hours Left to Support the Canine Kitchen Project!

The Canine Kitchen Project – a dog food venture founded by Hope Gamble, out in Long Island, NY, that specializes in producing dog food products made almost completely from local sources and where 25% of the annual proceeds will go to no-kill animal shelters and non-profits that support veterans with assistance dogs.


Canine Kitchen Project is attempting to raise $25,000 in 25 days to create a website, private label the treats, biscuits, chews, bouillon paste, purchase commercial kitchen appliances and rent a small office-store space.

What will your contributions go directly towards?

1)     Website development

2)     Table-top heat-sealer for packaging the products

3)     Commercial kitchen items: steam kettle and dehydrator

4)     Office-storage space

(Gia On The Move — that’s ME! is on the team.  With Canine Kitchen up and running I’ll be actively spreading the word and hopefully more in the coming months!)

Your impact:

By investing in The Canine Kitchen Project, you will be helping get this venture to the next level. Your support will make a big difference in many ways.

Imagine how happy a veteran will be to receive an assistance dog trained for their specific needs – giving them dignity, self-reliance and a loyal, best friend.

Or how happy a no-kill animal shelter will be to receive not only extra funds and dog food products for their rescue animals but for the rescues themselves with a second chance at life.

Or how great it will be to know that the ingredients made in the dog food products support the local farmers and fisherman yearlong with the purchasing of their crops, produce and commodities.

Well they haven’t raised 25, 000 but in the next 6 hours even a one dollar donation gets them closer to their goal!  Here’s the Indie Go0Go link below.  Please pass it around.


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