Get Real!

I guess I should never say never again…

Been secretly dancing Tango again, mostly for variety, with a long time friend and fellow professional performer who was a competitive ballroom dancer for many years.  After too long a time of being a part of the LA Tango scene, I just got sick of not having fun — the drama, worse, the melodrama, the dateless and desperate social situations and mostly the egos of nearly everyone else who was trying to make themselves a celebrity out of it.

Don’t get me wrong, I made some wonderful friends, two of whom died in the last couple of years.  That was hard.  And at one point I kind of realized that I didn’t enjoy being treated badly, impolitely and having to spend money for that.  I called it quits.  I loved the dance, but not much more.

Today I kind of agreed to go dancing again for the first time in maybe 3 years.  My friend has a bad shoulder injury and doesn’t want to dance with most of the women who hang on him.  My rule is that I will never walk into a room alone.

When we danced for the first time as close embrace partners (we had danced  choreography together before in performance but it was always stylized court dancing from other centuries) we realized, although he had so much more experience than me, that we were actually a good fit.

Out to a local hot spot for one hour only is the plan.  I’m wondering if we’ll both go through with it.


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