Get Real!

Can We PLEASE Keep Christmas On Ice…

This week 94.7 The Wave Radio decided to begin its non-stop broadcasting of classical and pop Christmas songs and I really have to say that I am going OUT OF MY MIND!

WTF people!!!

If there is one thing I truly despise about the holiday season is how we deliberately skip from money making, boozing it up, Halloween celebrations to the uber, profitability-geared early Christmas shopping and faux holiday cheer.  “oh Turkey…skip to the end…”

I have, in the last several years, instated a ban on all Christmas music and most shopping (yes I prepare early but don’t launch) until after what for me is the most important time of the year simply stated in the two words that design the logo THANKS-GIVING.

As much as I like receiving gifts, I prefer people.  I am Thankful for so many things.  And I am committed to my personal cornucopia of Giving of myself to my friends, family and really anyone even momentarily at least a kind word, a moment, an acknowledgment, a bit of joy.

So the only thing I’ll be getting early this year is an opportunity to share the day with at least one person I love and care about.

Black Friday can wait.  So can my Snowman decorations.


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