Get Real!

A Very Vegas Christmas

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.  Is that where I am?  Well then,  I’m all for that!  For a while there, I thought I was in a Times Square/Hong Kong version of Disneyland or was that Disneyland’s version of Times Square/Hong Kong?  Well shoot, my dad was a high stakes player back in the day.  What do expect me to say!

After my first two full days and nights in Vegas with my parents doing my best to avoid the extraordinarily NOT glamorous unwashed jeans and sneakers crowd, children under 10 (WTF?!), double strollers (of which I and my mom got nailed by more than a dozen times a piece) and the utter sleaziness of the modern strip (it’s changed quite a bit since I was last here-and not for the better), I finally found peace at Caesar’s.  The delight of strolling by indoor fountains under a blue sky through the Forum Shops was just what I needed to calm down.

But it was truly on Christmas Day that I got my best gift…

God Bless America — and Steve Winn! lol

The Winn Hotel was like being in one of those old Hollywood movies where after crawling miles through a hot desert, dehydrated, blistered, with no food or water, and on the verge of death, a lush oasis appears in the distance like a hallucination   You aren’t sure if it’s real and so you run to get there and once you’ve arrived, keep drinking the water even though you’re not thirsty and stay awed by the fact you found it at all.  Life!

P.S. Best buffet — Mirage Hotel — doesn’t look the same but it’s still lively.  Christmas at Carnegie Deli — egg cream was just the thing — Ahh The Bellagio — I miss the water show — What happened to the pirates at Treasure Island? — hating the approach to all the big casinos; or rather What Approach?  — No more beauty on the strip — do we really need another Serendipity? — The mucky, dirty, faux East River under the Brooklyn Bridge at New York, New York: well they got that right!  — Cheeky dealer change ups at the Luxor and just when we were winning — Mandalay Bay super great service — Still looking for the moving statues, ugh! — The Mob Exhibit: I’m not paying for that honey, I lived it: 500 authentic artifacts: Really, like what? 500 sets of brass knuckles? — The MGM: I wish the redo included knocking down the ugly shops in front of the lion…”You’re killin’ me Trae, I’m in the middle of a shoe!” (Made my Dad lose a big hand at Black Jack when I screwed up a play) more on that later…I am soooo overdressed!


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