Get Real!

2013 Already Surprising

Just when I thought I wrapped up the end of last year, created a new path for adventure and generally spent a glorious day hiking today with a friend, I got an email that caught totally by surprise.  Without going into detail, I’ll just say that for those of you (and I cannot even begin to imagine who you might be, because I’ve been assuming up until now that a great deal of people out in the sort of journalistic blogosphere are pretty darn smart) who are serious writing and blogging professionals, I can only assume that you would know that a press release/media release is not generally an exclusive event for one person or one site alone.  Information is made available to a great many writers and for whoever wants to “bite”.  So get a grip if you see an article covering similar material on someone else’s blog that you’ve also covered.  Occasionally many people often are asked to write about the same things or simply want to.  And that my friends is a wonderful thing and the point of the internet entirely.  A free exchange of open information.  So…Thank you very much and HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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