Get Real!


la-graf1by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move


This morning I read from the LA Times that the ban on street murals has finally been lifted.  Whoot!

It was actually posted on August 28th but oh well, I must have had some psychic intuition on this one.  This past month I’ve been contacting all of my #streetart followers and artists and once again, sharing, posting and talking more about the whole genre.  Nor was I alone.

Frankly, it’s good to see LA finally coming to its senses.  Street Art otherwise known as Graffiti has taken a beating in these last 20 years.  The whole art form has been coagulated somehow with gang graffiti. High end art snobs threw the baby out with the bath water in an effort to preserve the intellectualism of the profession, as has historically been the case with new, edgy art in every century.  And city government here and many places in the US tried as hard as it could to squelch it.

Never-the-less, whether secretly in underground subways and railroad cars, on city sidewalks, erroneous places and not so unknown public spaces across America, spontaneous hybrids of brutal and magical power pushed their way in.Downtown muralist Robert Vargas

The fact of the matter is that Street Art is the new Classical.  And there is no turning back.  Lifting the ban finally gives these artists acknowledgment that they are indeed a part of this city and cities everywhere in the world. The form may be renegade, but the creators are legit.

Most of us have come to embrace it as the voice of the people.  That was its natural form way back in the days of the Caesars when political, satyrical writings of anonymous persons who had no enfranchisement at all, would appear on walls, speaking loud and clear.  It was a way of including themselves in dialogs that deliberately kept them out.

Street Art Muralists and hit men like Banksy have provided ordinary people with immeasurable value that is conscious and relatable and in addition, inspired a modern generation of canvas artists who are translating these fantastical, mysterious, mind blowing expressions into collectable compositions – all dedicated to the world as we all see it, right in front of our eyes.

It’s the absolute BEST that the city of Los Angeles has to offer and the absolute breath of what happens here.  And it is about time that this city has invested in its importance.



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