Get Real!

Details…What Are Those?

When it comes to customer service these days, there has been a total lack of Owning Up, Taking Ownership, Taking Responsibility or Following Through. How many times recently have you found yourself in a situation where the representative of any given company you are doing business with, on the phone or in person just doesn’t care one way or another whether or not the service they’ve performed actually gave you a result? Even better — a result that was satisfactory to your situation or resolved a problem, instead of creating another one?

Worse, when you become frustrated, its YOUR fault and not their problem. “Do what you have to do” or “I can’t do anything for you” or being lied to about how “tirelessly” your situation is being addressed (tirelessly? really you are thinking about me in your sleep?) or a sudden disconnection on the phone or calling of security or even worse, being accused of something totally unrelated like racism because you’ve asked that person to treat you like a human being, seems to be the gamut of “go-to” remedies in more situations that anyone can count, when customers and clients cannot be simply brushed off with a “whatever, well get back to you” and a smile, of course.

“Honey your admin is upset because she didn’t do her job. She didn’t follow through. She gave misinformation multiple times which leads me to believe that this problem which started a month ago was never really handle well in the first place, creating the very reason for the situation we are now at, and I finally called her on it. You are the vendor. It’s up to you to teach me, to show me, to tell me the right information. That is what customer service actually is. And if you had been listening, you’d realize that I’ve not been yelling.  I just need someone to be clear.”

People are overwhelmed. Yes, absolutely. We all work very, very hard, and a good part of the time, don’t “catch a break.” When you take that into consideration, wouldn’t YOU as a service or product agent be feeling the exact same way, on the other side of the coin, your day off, say, when attempting to conduct a transaction, make a purchase, have a delivery make it to your home or office on time, or do something as simple as make an appointment without having to experience an attitude?  And wouldn’t it be nice if we could have the discipline within ourselves to actually be specific all the time about our words and actions, to not brush of the details taking them from minor to major when the worst case scenario comes about BECAUSE no one bothered to pay attention; or so that a customer or client didn’t go off the deep end from total anxiety creating an upsetting situation for your shop or staff; and consequently getting ganged up by others who feel empathy for the person experiencing the customer’s ire without taking into consideration the cause of that person’s grief in the first place. Do you really think that people get angry and frustrated because they’re “like that” all the time for no reason?

Evidently it’s too much to ask. Clearly it’s too much to ask. Because with every passing day, we are all sitting around making snickering jokes about the stupidity of people who can’t get things done or complaining about situations that would never normally be given more thought and time than appreciation for having experienced a great person who was kind.

It’s always YOUR FAULT, no matter what.

I was recently told, “well, we have to show people love in ‘dark’ situations”  No problem. I’d have to say that is certainly the goal and if not the goal, the normal every day intention going out the door by most people. It would be nice of course if the other party would read the memo. Some of us manage to do so. So it’s not impossible. We used to think that doing the little extra was more important  instead of getting away with only doing what you must. Would you really treat yourself like that? Would you really create that kind of discontent for yourself on a regular basis? I’m mean, it stands to reason that if you ate half cooked food, there would be at least one time where you would most likely get food poisoning.  Maybe that registers.  Maybe not.

Working in service to others is a demanding task.  And there are certainly a lot of people who unfairly demand more time and attention than we can give them.  But attention to detail, honesty  and right action, right from the start – more often than not creates sanity and a whole lot more happiness and good will for everyone, not to mention, repeat customer business.

Who else lives in the real world?


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