Get Real!

What’s In A Name?

I was told by another writer who analyzed one of my websites that I should completely throw out my name.  Get rid of it altogether so that it would be more appealing to sell my work for profit as a writer myself.

But what if that name is already a brand?  And what if that brand is already a public identity that not just readers recognize, but other influencers who are tying to make a connection: publicity and marketing specialists, merchants and artists in the arts & culture sphere, hoping I’ll hear what they have to say and write about them?

I never actually thought of my blog as a tool for sales.  That was never the point.  It was designed as a platform through which I could parlay my former celebrity and notoriety with other reinventions of my entertainment career and create a place where others could launch themselves.  That may sound very altruistic, but opening up the door for other artists in the ways I had needed, wanted and sometimes got, over the years, was, I thought. necessary.  I needed a champion.  I could now be one.

This was the first time I’d ever heard this advice from anyone including other professionals. But instead of it being a shock, I focused.  I asked myself, “what’s important to me and what’s important to others about what I do?”

Through the advice of  a friend, colleague and brilliant business strategist, I realized I needed a new direction, a larger goal, some minor tweeks for a dynamic change.  And yes, I could make money, keeping my integrity and my name intact.

I guess you could say that it wasn’t the name, it was the meaning.  I now have a better plan.



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