Get Real!

AEA and the 99 Seat Plan: More questions than answers…

I admit it, I’ve been reluctant to comment.  As I briefly explained to a Facebook friend, producer and equity actor in a private chat last week, who asked if I would be making any sort of public statement (I suppose as a critic or just as someone in the theatre scene) I just didn’t want to say anything “offensively uninformed”.

But last week the game seemed to change – a lot – and after several conversations with various actors, producers, publicists and reading so many more of the commentaries and articles including a damning email conversation between an AEA actor and an AEA rep, flurrying in about the vote, the plan, Equity’s behavior, the confusion and all of the fear, anger and downrigh hostility, it seems to me that it’s about time, I put my two cents in.  But frankly, I have so many more questions than answers.

I am not an authority or the last word by any means.  I’m not!  Don’t even go there.  But it seems to me that doing away with 99 Seat Plan outright instead of fostering rather than denying collaborative dialog in order to implement postive change that everyone can thrive with,  is just bad for business for EVERYONE in the long run including the very existence of theatre itself.  And accusing Los Angeles of wanting special treatment where no one else is getting it, and that the industry here should be made to “tow the line” like everyone else also seems, thoroughly out of touch with the direction ALL business in general is moving.

More on that later.


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