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Major Publisher Issues Essential New Fundraising Guide

This came through the pipeline this morning and although it’s kind of a dry share, I thought it worth the look-see knowing so many organizations (and friends) who are in the non-profit cycle.  The book itself is a $21.00 investment ($14.00 if you are a member of Boardsource).

“At BoardSource, we know that effectively engaging the board in fundraising is a challenge for many nonprofits. We also know that many organizations struggle to structure and communicate their fundraising strategies in a way that enables board members to add value.”

informed-fundraising-thumbInformed Fundraising: An Introduction and Guide is an important first step for organizations that are building their fundraising programs.

BoardSource was pleased to be able to work with the authors to publish this important new resource for nonprofit organizations. Based on the response that we have received since its release, it is clearly meeting a real need within the nonprofit sector.” Anne Wallestad President & CEO BoardSource

“Informed Fundraising: An Introduction and Guide” is now available at Board Source:

Does your non-profit need help in improving the effectiveness of its fundraising program? Almost 60% of nonprofit board chairs and executive directors identify fundraising as one of the most important areas for board improvement. Help is now at hand with the new e-book, “Informed Fundraising: An Introduction and Guide,” written by veteran nonprofit executives Ron Wormser and Josiah Stevenson IV.

The book has been published by BoardSource, the leading organization and publisher focused on the governance of nonprofit organizations.

The book, now available online, is designed to equip board members and executive directors  with a solid understanding of what it takes to construct and execute an effective and successful fundraising program. The book will also be of interest to current and prospective board members who are unfamiliar with fundraising for nonprofits.

“Too many nonprofits are not successful in raising the money they want or need,” says lead author and Carmel, Ca. resident Wormser. “Based on our years of experience working with nonprofits, we have concluded that this is because many board leaders and executive directors have limited knowledge and experience about fundraising and what it takes to do it effectively.”

Wormser and Stevenson, who both have had decades of nonprofit fundraising experience, say that many nonprofit board members are missing the information they need to excel at this key function.

“Uninformed, they approve plans and programs that yield disappointing results,” says Wormser. “Our book will equip nonprofit leaders with the concepts and tools that will enable them to make informed, strategic fundraising decisions. If we succeed, more nonprofits will become financially stable and sustainable, and thus able to better serve those who rely on their programs and services — that is our ultimate objective.”

The book focuses on what the authors have identified as the three key components of successful fundraising:

  • Understanding — Developing familiarity with the fundamentals of raising money which form the foundation for effective fundraising programs
  • Preparation — Becoming aware of the components, of what it takes to create informed, purposeful programs
  • Execution — Knowing how to effectively carry out fundraising programs and how to monitor and assess their progress.

The Guide includes sample worksheets that illustrate the concepts discussed and how to translate those ideas into practice.

“Informed Fundraising” will also be useful to faculty and students at colleges and universities who are teaching and learning about nonprofits and their management.

In addition, organizations maintaining lists of nonprofit resource materials available to others, such as community foundations, state and local associations of nonprofits, professional associations about nonprofits, and others, might want to add the book to their libraries as well.

Lead author Wormser’s 40-year career was spent working for four different nonprofits — the Harvard Graduate School of Education, the State University of New York at New Paltz, the Institute of International Education headquartered in New York, and The Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia.

Since retiring and relocating to Carmel Ca. in 2007, Wormser has been giving back to the nonprofit community as a volunteer with the Arts in Crisis program of the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, with various Monterey County nonprofits, as a board member and executive coach, and consultant of the Monterey Peninsula Chapter of the Stanford Alumni Consulting Team.

“Informed Fundraising: An Introduction and Guide” is now available at (search for Informed Fundraising in the upper right corner search field).


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