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“We’d have less violence if more women were in charge” Says Dalai Lama

Tonight on Larry King’s PoliticKING, the Dalai Lama tells Larry why he believes we’d have less violence if more women were in charge; he weighs in on Dylann Roof and how to end racism; he gives his views on ISIS and his opinion of current world leaders.  Below are highlights from the interview.

The Dalai Lama tells Larry King he has tried to reach out and reason with ISIS


LARRY KING: What do you think of ISIS?  Do you worry about ISIS–

THE DALAI LAMA:  Very sad.  Very sad.  You see, the very factor which–inspiration to human being, these tradition– give us message of love, forgiveness, tolerance. That very factor now causing more division, more hatred. It’s unthinkable. I think due to lack of close contact. And environment– you see, truth– I think for centuries some of these Muslim brothers and sisters living more or less isolated. Indian Muslims and– and also Indonesian Muslim, you see– through centuries, they live with different sort of religious traditions.  So you see in their mind they take for granted there are different traditions. Whereas, you see, Muslim brother and sisters who are completely isolated. Then, you see, these difficulties come. So we have to extend our hand — should reach out. Reach out to them.

LARRY KING:  To them?

THE DALAI LAMA: And cool down their sort of thinking —

LARRY KING: But they don’t listen.  They–

THE DALAI LAMA: But then, okay.  But for our part, try.  (LAUGH)


THE DALAI LAMA: Maybe unrealistic.

LARRY KING: Yeah, it sounds unrealistic.  Look at what they do.

THE DALAI LAMA: Okay. I believe, you see, we should make attempt. Fail? Nothing lose.

The 14th Dalai Lama’s opinion on world leaders

dllk2LARRY KING: I want your opinion of some leaders.  What do you make of Assad, the president of Syria?

THE DALAI LAMA: I think in order to answer that I have to go to Syria and meet more people and analyze. Then I will give you answer.

LARRY KING:  Netanyahu of Israel.

THE DALAI LAMA: I met few occasion. Quite tough.  (LAUGH)

LARRY KING:  Tough guy?  Do you like him? You like everybody.

THE DALAI LAMA: But, again, you see, I think where some of his policies concerned, I have some reservation.

LARRY KING: The Chinese President Jinping.

THE DALAI LAMA: Xi Jinping. Basically as I mentioned earlier, some of his public expressions are something quite surprising.  A communist leader, you see, saying some nice thing about Buddhism is something new.

LARRY KING: What do you think of Mr. Putin in Russia?

THE DALAI LAMA: Putin? Of course, I should sort of– I should respect him, because he is the president of a great nation. And I think third term or something like that, isn’t it?  He first president. Then become prime minister. Then again become–

LARRY KING:  President–

THE DALAI LAMA: –president.  Too long, I think.  (LAUGHTER)

LARRY KING:  And finally, what do you think of President Obama?


LARRY KING: Have you met him?

THE DALAI LAMA: Oh Yes. Few occasions. Since first meeting, you see, I sorta jokingly express his sort of appearance. He looks like a monk. You see–very short hair. And his face also looks like, you see–


THE DALAI LAMA: Yes. As a distinguished monk like that. I love him.

Other highlights from the interview include:

  • The Dalai Lama tells Larry King why he believes the world would be more peaceful with women in leadership roles around the globe: “According scientist– see, female– biologically more sensitivity about others’ pain than men… I really feel the leadership of our planet, you see, more female takes responsibility, maybe less violence.”
  • The Dalai Lama tells Larry King religion is failing worldwide: “I think religion– all major religion including Buddhism– over 2,000 years I think–immense help to humanity.  But not adequate.  Particularly now today…Out of 7 billion, over 1 billion– non-believer.  And then more important, among the believers– there are corrupted believer there.  So this clearly shows religious teaching not adequate.  So now we have to find another way to educate people the– important– importance of these inner value.”
  • The Dalai Lama tells Larry King Earth is not the only planet in space that has life: “Of course…Buddhist literature mentioned countless world…So then I think if we use our common sense, then [out of] countless galaxies…only this planet have…human being? I think difficult to say.”
  • The Dalai Lama on Dylann Roof and how teaching morality in schools would help end racism: “We need more effort to make awareness the value of compassion. Compassion…an essential concern of others’ wellbeing and respect others’ life…You see message not properly channelized…And I have strong sorta– view in education field from Kindergarten up to University level we should include some lesson about the inner value with more sorta awareness…Then the society who come through that kinda education would be more different. This present up to now, the existing modern education very much oriented about material value. Not much talking about inner value.”
  • The Dalai Lama explains why China posts warnings about celebrating his birthday (he just turned 80 last week):  “Some of their officials– describe me as a demon.  So they should– discourage–birthday of demon. (he laughs)”
  • Why the Dalai Lama is optimistic about Tibetan autonomyWithin People’s Republic of China, we seek meaningful autonomy. That safeguard for preservation of Tibetan identity, Tibetan language, Tibetan rich cultural heritage like that…our struggle [is] a struggle between power of gun and power of truth. For short term, power of gun is more decisive, more effective. But long term, power of truth is much stronger.”
  • Dalai Lama on Pope Francis: “Nice. Very nice. I think very practical.”


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